Resume Guide

Whether you are applying for a new job or for a job change you always need a powerful resume. A good resume should be able to communicate and deliver the achievements you possess to the recruiter in a clear, precise, and readable format. Our guide will help you in creating your resume for maximum success.

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Some Examples
"Versatile accountant delivering the best results in taxation."
"Enthusiastic developer expanding my skills in PHP."
"Heuristic writer skillful in content creation."

resume headline

Resume headline is an important title that showcases your skills and experience. It makes the first impression and catches the recruiter’s attention. To write a perfect headline as per your background check our article.

how to write a resume

There are several different ways to format your resume. One of the first and important decision is how my resume should look like? In this article we will discuss about the different formats of cv, and the best possible ways to make a powerful resume.

skills to put on resume

Skills help you to succeed in everyday tasks while some skills guide you to perform outstanding tasks at the workplace. Command over any skills comes with time and gradually every skill can be learned and mastered. Learn how to organize skills in your resume.

resume tips

Recruiters consider your resume as the only source to learn about yourself and whether you will fit into the job or not. Know about the tips and tricks that will help you to clear the hurdle and stand out from the crowd.

hobbies for resume

Your resume hobbies section can really set you apart from other if used accurately. It tells about your personality and how well you fit with the company’s culture. For those who don’t have much work experience and skills, this section can make you shine. To know more about how to use interest and hobbies check this article.

gpa on resume

GPA on resume should be mentioned right at the top if you are a recent graduate; especially if your score is above 3.5. It tells the recruiters about your sincerity while studying. If you are an experienced professional, you can altogether ignore it or mention it along with your educational qualifications. Read on to understand when and how of putting GPA on your CV (Curriculum Vitae).

computer skills for resume

Computer skills are highly expected today no matter what post you are applying for. In this article you get to know why these skills are so important, the type of skills depending on the category, where you must include them, and at last, how can you keep yourself updated.

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lying on resume

In this article, you will get to know about various aspects of resume falsification and why it is not a good idea. Recruiters have a long history of reviewing resumes and interacting with the candidates. They can easily make out if you are lying or are being honest.

how to add resume to linkedin

The process of adding your resume or uploading your (Curriculum Vitae) CV to your LinkedIn profile is quite simple. In this post you will find answers to “How to upload resume to LinkedIn” and “How it can help you in your job search”.

address on resume

Traditionally, including address on a resume was a must because physical mail was the only source to contact the candidate. But as technology progressed, most of the communications are done online. Read this article, to clear major doubts every candidate’s faces while writing a resume.

words to use in resume

Your resume is your opportunity to crack the first step of your interview process. The power words to use in resume are of great importance that makes your profile more creative. Read this article to learn about the resume keywords, their importance, examples and few tips.

words to avoid in resume

When you are writing your resume you should consider what words to include and what words to avoid in resume. It is important for you to add words which communicate and describe your value to the hiring manager. You will get to know  some of the most common and overused words in this post.

how to list references on a resume

When you have applied for job and your hiring manger asked for references then you have to list your references in your document in a perfect way to make it look professional. Then this question comes on how you can add references. You can read this article to understand how you should put references and other necessary details.

common resume mistakes

There are many mistakes which candidates make while writing resume. And that is why after applying to many jobs the candidates did not hear back. Your resume is an important document in your job search and you have to make it error free. So read this article to check are you making any mistake in your document?

resume cover letter

You can create your cover letter to showcase your most important achievements and skills. It is short document that represent only the necessary skills required for the job and it tells the recruiter why you are suitable for the role. To create your cover letter read the article.

cover letter vs resume

Cover letter is different from your resume in many ways. Do not copy the same thing that is written in the resume in your cover letter. Otherwise it will look like a duplicate copy. Understand the difference between the two here.