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examples of interests & hobbies for resume

45+ Examples Of Interest/Hobbies For Resume [2022]

You will find different aspects of hobbies for resume in this article. It includes examples of hobbies, how and where to include then and other considerations regarding areas of interest.

Did you that know that hobbies in the resume make your profile stand out in front of the prospective employers? Your hobbies could be as simple as sketching or cycling or dancing but you should have good knowledge of your area of interest.

Your hobbies showcase your creative side to the employers and hence increase your chances of landing a job. However, you should keep in mind that your hobbies should not be as mundane as watching TV or listening to the music. Such things in your Curriculum Vitae (CV) reduce your chances of getting an interview call.

Recruiters should feel that your area of interest and hobbies are attractive and enhance your personality. Mentioning hobbies is especially good for people who have very little experience and practical skills.

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Examples of Hobbies For Resume

Here are some categories and lists of example hobbies that you can use to garnish your resume.

Creative Interests

If you are applying for a job that needs creativity and out of the box thinking then you can use the following:

  1. Writing
  2. Sketching
  3. Photography
  4. Chess
  5. Playing a musical instrument
  6. Reading
  7. Design
  8. Blog writing
  9. Painting or Art
  10. Traveling
  11. Cooking
  12. Pottery
  13. Sculpting

Sports Related

If you are good at sports then you can mention this in your profile. Remember there are two types of sports you can list in your CV – individual and team-oriented.

If you apply for roles that need focused and individual working you can mention sports that need individual thinking on the other hand if you apply for roles that require teamwork then you can go for team-oriented sports this will show you can work and bond with others.

You can consider following while applying for a job:

  1. Mountain climbing
  2. Swimming
  3. Baseball
  4. Volleyball
  5. Marathon running
  6. Skiing
  7. Tennis
  8. Basketball
  9. Football
  10. Cycling
  11. Badminton
  12. Hockey
  13. Kart Racing

Public Speaking and Social Activities

If you are applying for a job that needs public speaking or demands for an extrovert candidate then you can look at the following:

  1. Creating and organizing events
  2. Local meet-ups
  3. Volunteering at a charity center
  4. Public speaking
  5. Exploring other cultures
  6. Dancing
  7. Learning new languages and dialects

Technical or Analytical

If you are applying for a technical or engineering jobs then you can look at the following:

  1. Video production
  2. Graphic design
  3. Baking
  4. Programming/coding
  5. Sound editing

Unique Activities

There are many other activities that can be used to make your profile unique:

  1. Journaling
  2. Calligraphy
  3. Fencing
  4. Gardening
  5. Archery
  6. Stand-up comedy
  7. Theater
  8. Yoga
  9. Mimicry

Should You Include Hobbies in your CV?

You might face this question in your mind that whether you should put strengths and hobbies in a CV or not?

You already have limited space in your CV, including special skills and interest might cover up more space. So, think if it is required and suitable for your job profile and if you have the space for them.

The modern work environment is more likely to know about candidates’ culture and behavior. Because they want them to fit into the company’s culture. And your skills and sideline activities say a lot about you.

For example, if you are good at speaking at local functions chances are you are an extrovert and are a good public speaker, which makes you a suitable candidate for a sales job.

On the other hand, if you are applying for a banking or accountant job, you might skip this section. This section also describes your soft skills to the hiring manager.

A two-year study of recruiters shows that employers not only look for skillful candidates but also look for candidates who are culturally similar to them in terms of experience, behavior, and presentation style.

However, while adding your passion to your bio-data you should be careful don’t just add general activities try to add some unique skills. Because everything you add to your CV increases your value.

How to List Interests in your Profile?

You can follow these steps:

  1. Perform background research on the company

You should check what are the company values and what would they see in their candidates. What kind of employees do they hire? You can find and research this information on the organization about us page, reviews, social media accounts. Try to mention such things that make you a suitable candidate to fit in the organizational culture.

  1. Use keywords

You must include keywords while mentioning your strengths and hobbies. To give meaning to your interests you need to align everything with the company’s vision and need.

  1. Choose habits that represent you best

You must select good hobbies for a CV that represent you in a positive way and are needed to successfully complete your job. It should be something that is demanded by your position.

  1. Use your creativity

You can be creative while listing your personal interest in CV. Don’t be afraid to try something new and unique unless it is relevant and useful for your profile and the position you are applying for.

You can use resume icons or pie charts while adding extracurricular activities. You can check my article to write the best CV for yourself.

  1. Be honest with your details

You should check yourself before adding any details to your CV. To make the profile attractive many candidates falsely write things on their CV, which is not good practice. It won’t be fun if you mention any activity just to fit in the company. Be true to yourself and with the details provided in the CV.

How Many Strengths Should Include on Resume?

It is advisable to mention a maximum of 5 top hobbies in your CV. You should avoid adding too many activities to your profile. It may come out to be extremely distributive. It shows that a candidate may be over exaggerate on their skills.

However, if you really wish to put some of your cool interest you can do so in your cover letter. For writing a compelling cover letter for your job application click here.

Common Errors

  1. Less engaging activities

While mentioning your activities take care that you will not mention things like watching movies, television, etc. as these activities require no concentration and it shows you are not so active and you will add no value to the company.

  1. Using political interest

You should try not to include any political interest which might be controversial and are not considered professional.

  1. Convey negative information

You never want to convey anything negative about yourself in your profile. So don’t include any dangerous or antisocial activity that can blur your image.

  1. Generic information

We all know that you don’t have much space to frame your CV. Generally, it is a one or two-page document. So if you are including this section then be unique with your qualities and try to not add anything which everyone else includes.


Your passion reflects your personality. If you have space in your CV then you must include this section in your profile to make it more interesting for the reader.

You should always check the position you are applying for. In some cases, it is suitable while in others it’s not needed. This can add a positive asset if it aligns with the company’s environment.

Over to You

Which hobbies are the best fit for you? Is putting your special skills in your profile helped you? Please let us know.

I would love to hear from you.

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