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The Ultimate Guide To Resume Cover Letter [2022]

You will find detailed information about resume cover letter in this article that will help you in preparing a good job application.

A resume cover letter is a short document, which highlights and showcases your most important achievements and qualifications. Resumes are shorter than Curriculum Vitae (CV) but they are still very long to appeal to a potential employer. A cover letter (sometimes called a cover note or cover page) is succinct and customized for a particular job. It is written to let recruiters know how your skills are relevant to the position applied for and why your job application should be considered.

A cover letter is the most important part of your application. It shows that you are passionate about your career and suitable for the position applied for. You should always send it along with other required documents even if the recruiter has not asked for one. It can improve your chances of landing a job.

Now you must be wondering how to write a such a letter? Don’t worry this article will help you. Writing a resume cover letter will become a simple affair after you follow the process mentioned in this article. After reading it, you will learn about the various components of the this document and essential tips to create a good one with the help of a few examples.

Types of Resume Cover Letter

There are several types of cover letters pertaining to job applications. Here are a few important ones:

1. Application letter – This is written to apply for a certain job posting along with your resume. It can increase your chances of landing an interview if written creatively. I will discuss this type of letter in detail in the following sections. You can also read my other article on how to write a resume.

2. Referral letter – This is written to give you a reference/recommendation by a person of some importance. It includes the name, position, and signatures of that person. It can make a good impact and can help you in gaining the recruiter’s attention.

3. Networking letter – This is used to reach out to your network connections like old colleagues, professionals acquaintances, social media contacts, etc. It is used to inquire about job openings or ask for job search advice. It can also be used for seeking a referral.

4. Letter of interest – This is used to inquire about a job opening at a particular company.

Importance of a Job Application Cover Letter

Most people apply for a job without a cover letter but you can differentiate yourself from them by composing a good opening note. This tells the recruiters that you understand the job requirement and are sincere about getting the job.

Here are some useful and valid reasons for having an opening letter:

  1. It clearly tells recruiters why they should consider your resume.
  2. It illustrates your resume skills and showcases your writing ability.
  3. It helps your resume stand out.
  4. It shows your seriousness about the post.
  5. It highlights your strengths.

A cover letter a small and succinct document whereas a resume is a detailed document. Unlike resume, opening letter can be made or modified very quickly. A good note aligns your resume with the job requirements.

How to Write a Resume Cover Letter for CV?

A cover letter is a single-page document that will tell the recruiter about you. It will give a brief summary of your professional background. Roughly it should be between 200 to 450 words. It should highlight important points but it should not be very long as recruiters like to skim through the job applications.

A good opening note will kindle the hiring manager’s interest in your resume but a badly written cover letter may work against you. So let me show you how to compose a good note.

Components of an Opening Note

When all of the components are properly and sequentially placed, then this complete letter increases your chances to land your dream job. Here are the components of the opening note.

1.Appealing and attractive opening lines

You should start the opening line that will connect your cover letter to the organization’s view. It should mention the post that you are applying for and how your profile is suitable for the post. The opening line must also convey that your letter isn’t a regular or a generic or a common document.

2. Proper spiel

The next few lines must include:

  • If you’re shifting or transitioning in your career then you need to explain the reason for this shift.
  • If you don’t wish to shift your career then write in detail the achievements and skills that are aligned with the company and its requirements.
  • Also, speak about your experience in your last job, you can use the job description.
  • Highlight the skills that will stand you out from the crowd.

3. Contact information

You should include your contact information accurately. This will help the hiring team to contact you in case of any requirement or discussion.

4. Impressive closing line

The closing ling must contain some words of appreciation to the company and the opportunity they are offering. Also mention how you will contribute to the company and the team. Do not use cliché words end the letter with a polite and thankful tone.

Steps to Create a Cover Note

You can follow the following simple steps to craft a good cover letter.

1. Start with your name and contact details

Following the standard format for writing a letter, a cover letter must also be written in a similar fashion.

On the top must include your name, email id, address, and your contact number (on which you are available).

2. Include the date

You should include the current writing date or the date when you will send the letter to the hiring manager.

This must be added in a separate line to avoid any misunderstanding and to make your letter clearer.

3. Recipient’s name and contact detail

You should add the recipient’s date and address to make your cover letter more formal. This information is mostly shared with the candidates via a job posting. If you can’t find it, check the company’s website to get the required details.

4. Introduction

The cover note should start by greeting the hiring manager by adding their designation. Then write about you in an attention-grabbing manner. This will increase the chances of reading your cover letter end-to-end.

5. Skills, Education, and Work Experience

In the next coming paragraph, you should write about your skills, educational background, and work experience.

6. Conclude

In the end, make a smart conclusion with a call to action. This means asking the hiring manager to call you or do some sort of action.

7. End with the right formal closing

Once you are done writing the letter, close the letter with a formal closing line such as “Best Regards”, “Sincerely”, “Thank you”.

Important Tips

Here we are mentioning some of the simple but very important tips to get the recruiter’s attention

  1. Do proofreading to avoid any mistakes in the document.
  2. You should use the proper font and margin.
  3. You can try and add a postscript.
  4. Try to keep it simple and precise.
  5. Be honest with the information provided in the document.
  6. Don’t try to be funny, rather be professional in your writing.
  7. Never repeat the same cover letter. Try to tailor it according to the particular job.
  8. Try not to use buzzwords
  9.  You should properly greet the person to whom you are writing.
  10. You can avoid certain phrases like “To whom it may concern”, “Dear Sir / Madam”

Sample Cover Letter for Resume

We have compiled some examples of cover letters based on their types. You can check them and try to select the best suitable example for you.

1. Referral cover letter: Such a cover letter must have the name of the person you are referring to. And there will be a better chance of being noticed.

Delta Street Canada
Contact : 98xxxxxxxx
Email : email id


Dear XYZ,

In a recent conversation with (Name), she suggested I contact you. (Name) and I
worked very closely together on Banker profile. She was kind enough to offer me some advice on
the next step in my career. She mentioned that she had had the opportunity to work with you many
years ago and perhaps she thought that you would be able to offer some guidance to me as well.

I am an organized and professionally sound candidate who love mathematics and calculations. I am
a confident individual and has succeeded as promising banker. I am also friendly and have good
communication skills required for a banker.

From *** University, I have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Technology.
I have also studied various computer languages like JAVA,C#, etc and had vocational training at
Company Name), (Company Name)and (Company Name). I have learned a lot from all these places.

During my previous role as a Banker at (Company Name), I was responsible for providing account
services such as depositing checks, taking orders, and keeping details records of all transactions. I always
prioritize paying attention to details, providing excellent customer services and adhering to banks’ rules
and regulations.

I will call you during the next week to set up a time to meet. I look forward to meeting you.


2. Application letter: It is also termed as a traditional cover letter and sent with a resume. The format is similar to that of a job interview.

50,Okland Ave
Florida, USA
Contact :  90xxxxxxxx
Email : email id


Dear XYZ,

With over 4 years of banking service, I can confidently tell you I am an expert at it. Banking is the sector that helps
each household in the country. With modern day contact less services provided by banks, the future of the country is
far more ahead than ever estimated.

I have been working with (Company Name) for 4.2 years and had a great experience working as banker.
Graduated from *** College, I had been placed in (Company Name). Working for 1.4 years I was selected for (Company Name).

While my tenor at both(Companies Name). I had a star rating of out of 5. This was given to me by my customer.
Being friendly and always on my feet, I was also awarded with a Golden Employee Award in (Company Name).

I would be happy to bring my knowledge of banking sector to your company with opportunity to increase
your customer bandwidth. Hoping to get an appointment with you to discussion.

Thank you for the consideration,

3. Networking letter: This cover letter being different in its purpose than the first two, have the same starting and ending

Downing Street, London
Contact : 98xxxxxxxx
Email : email id



I hope all is good at your end. I would like to have brief meeting with you to get some insights as a top professional from
your field.

As the you already know my profile, working for banking sector always excites me. Most recently I have worked in a
consortium team for Lay work Steels along with other nationalized banks. I had a good time working do for (Company Name).

I’m looking for a new career venture currently, ideally with ability to work one-on-one with client, since I enjoy working
and interacting with the customer.

If you have time to talk over a cup of coffee that would be great. Else would be great to get your feedback and good words.


Cover Letter for Emailing a Resume

You should never send your resume simply by attaching it to the email and a subject line with phrases like see the attachment or please find the attachment. Always write an email body that consists of your short and attractive cover letter.

It provides additional information about your expertise. It tells the recruiter why you are qualified for the job and explains your interest in the job.

When you’re sending an email cover letter, it’s important to follow the employer’s instructions on how to submit your cover letter and resume.

It is quick and easy to send an email but it doesn’t mean that you should write anything less than a detailed cover letter. You should be focused on why you are a good match for the job you are applying for. Try to include keywords. You can find them in the job description.


So by far, you must have understood the need for a cover letter. It holds an important place in the selection process as well. It is an opportunity to impress.

Always remember to follow the set important components of the cover letter. Also, try and take some important notes from the above-mentioned tips. So that you can have a clear picture of how a cover letter must look like.

Further, go ahead and write your own cover letter. Try to minimize the error and increase your chances of selection for the job. All the best!

Over to You

I have covered all the aspects of the cover letter that you would need to know before applying for a job.

What was your understanding of a cover letter before reading this article? Do you think something else can be added here?

Have you written a cover letter in the past? What was your experience?

I would love to hear from you.

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