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10 Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid For A Perfect Resume

Are you applying for so many jobs but not hearing back? Chances are your application might have these common resume mistakes.

You never wanted to miss any opportunity where you can apply. But wait! Is your profile good enough to apply for these jobs and Is your profile doesn’t contain any red flags which the recruiter might notice and reject your application.

To create your powerful profile check my complete guide on a resume.

There are many mistakes which job seekers do in their resumes. Don’t Panic! You can fix it. All you need to do is identify your mistakes and fix them before the damage.

So here I am with the list of most frequent resume mistakes which you have to avoid.

Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Using the same format

This is the biggest mistake job seekers do that they apply for all jobs with the same application. No, you should not do this. You have to tailor your Curriculum Vitae (CV) according to the job you have applied like your skills, experience, etc. You can check my article on the resume format for every job.

Suppose you have 10+ years of experience but there are chances that the kind of job for which you are applying might not need all of your skills or maybe you have to highlight some of your specific skills to make your resume shine. There are many tips and tricks to create a powerful resume.

  1. Bad headline

The first thing that the recruiter sees is your resume headline. Do not create a general headline instead create a headline that reflects your experience, accomplishments.

Creating an effective headline will make the recruiter stick to your application and chances are that they will review your application. You can generate amazing headlines from our free headline generator tool.

  1. Color and font

Do not color your resume like a rainbow or use fancy fonts to make it creative. Remember the recruiter has very little time to review your application. If it is not readable enough they will ignore your application and move to the next.

Try to use fewer colors only when required and do not use fancy fonts. You can highlight your specific area in bold fonts.

  1. No unprofessional email address

Yes, these small things count when you are writing your application. Do not create or provide an unprofessional email address in your application. It will hardly take 2 minutes to create an email id for you so if you do not have one create it right now. You can use any email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.


Bad email address.

Good email address.

  1. Typos and grammatical errors

Take care of any mistakes or errors while crafting your CV. Proofread your application after you finish editing. It is a big red flag for you if the recruiter finds any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes in your profile. It shows that you did not care much about your application.

  1. Personal details

Earlier employers seek details like your marital status, religion, etc. But now such information is not needed. You should not write such things in your profile as these are not required anymore. These things can eat up your CV space so do not include them.

  1. No powerful words

You should use powerful verbs in your profile it will make your profile shine among the others. Try to ignore the common words like responsible for, experienced in, etc. You can check my other article on the powerful words for resumes.

  1. Writing too much information

You should avoid writing too much information on your biodata. If you include the most relevant details those are much for your application. Do not confuse the hiring manager by writing those things which are not required for your profile.

On average, the recruiter spends about 6 seconds reviewing your application so make those seconds count.

  1. Employment gaps

If you have an employment gap and you think that no one will notice it then don’t think so. It will create a trigger in the mind of the recruiter. You can cover these gaps by mentioning some useful skills or work that you have done within this duration.

  1. Wrong contact details

These small details matter a lot. Many candidates provide wrong contact information. You should focus on your main content but at the same time do not forget to cross-check your contact information. Because if this information is wrong it can cost you a lot.

Quick Checklist for Your Resume

You must ask these questions to yourself to make your best profile.

  • Does your contact information like your name, email address, phone number, address located at the top of your document?
  • Have you tailored your resume for the multiple jobs you have applied for to make it relevant for that particular job?
  • Do you have the most relevant information on your profile?
  • Did you proofread your CV?
  • Did you use action words in your resume to make it interesting to read?


I hope you go through the above list and remove all the mistakes which you might have in your profile before applying to any job.

If you have checked the errors and fix them you are a step closer to get a call for an interview. All the best.

Over to You

Does the above list help you in making your resume errors free? Please share your thoughts.

I would love to hear from you.

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