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Looking for a job or settling down with your new job. Then you must find these articles helpful in your journey. I have prepared a list of articles that will guide you throughout your job search journey and after you get the job. Read and apply the learning in your life.

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career guide

Some Examples
"Versatile accountant delivering the best results in taxation."
"Enthusiastic developer expanding my skills in PHP."
"Heuristic writer skillful in content creation."

how to find a job

You must check your path while you are looking for a new job or a job change. It really matters what technique or strategy you are following. There are some smarter ways that will help you in your job search.

what to write in an email when sending resume

Are you sending your resume to the recruiter or the employer? Have you checked what you have written in your email? If not, check again. These tips and templates will do the work for you.

how to follow up on a job application

Waiting and waiting for a response after sending a job application. You don't know whether someone has looked at it or not. So it is better to ask then to wait. Check out these samples with tips.

questions to ask before accepting a job

Congrats! that you get a job offer. It is a big achievement. Now its your turn to see whether the job is actually meeting your requirements or not. Here are some important questions to ask before accepting a job offer. Check them out.

best jobs for introverts

Every person is not same. Some are more open to people while some are not. If you are an introvert and looking for a job then you should check this article to look for a best career option for yourself.

how to decline a job offer

It is never easy to turn down a job offer. But if for any reason you decided to do so. Then did it immediately. Don't hang the employer or the recruiter waiting for your reply for too long. This article will provide you examples with some important notes.

office etiquette

We must consider how we behave at our workplace. There are certain ways of behaving at office. Many companies has their own rules book. But generally we didn't pay much attention towards it. This add value to our professional growth. Read further to know more about this.

video conferencing etiquette

Video call meetings became a new normal now a days. But are you following the etiquette which are required to make your zoom call a success. You should follow these basic tips to conduct a good video conference meeting.

how to write a business letter

A business letter is an important formal document that you can to your clients, senior professionals and stakeholders. You have to assure that it is written in a good format with no errors. To write a perfect business letter check this article.

recommendation letter sample

Have you asked to submit a recommendation letter? It is a challenging task. You have to take out the most suitable recommendation if you have many options with you. Do not include all but remember how to add them with the help of this article.

how to write a resignation letter

The letter of resignation is written when you are leaving your current employer. This letter is written with much care and with warm words so that no there is no scope of any grudges. Read further to know how you can write a warm leaving letter.

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