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how to write a business letter

Did You Know How To Write A Business Letter?

How to write a business letter? A business letter is considered to be the best way to reply to other professionals. But worried about the business letter format or syntax. Worry not; we will discuss everything related to the business letter in this article.

Before going forward, let us understand what is a business letter and for what purpose it is used. A business letter is a formal letter or document sent to another professional be it your client, recruiter, or some stakeholders.

Despite the modern-day trend of emailing the other party, still there are instances where the printout of such business letters is used like thank you letters, job offers, reference letters, etc.

In this article, we will teach you how to write a business letter, its components, some tips to remember while writing a business letter, and a formal letter format.

How To Write A Business Letter?

For writing any letter, the purpose and language must be clear and understandable to others. The paragraph must be brief and precisely to the point. Below are the mentioned sections that a business letter must include.

1. Contact Details

Following the format of every letter, the business letter must also have your contact details at the top of the letter. It must include:

  • Name of the addresser
  • Job Title and Company name
  • Your address with pin code
  • Phone Number
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Email address

LinkedIn is the new entry in the business letter nowadays. It is another best and largest professional networking site. So it is a good idea to include it in your details

2. Date

Include and mention the date you will send the business letter to your client, recruiter, stakeholder, or your counterpart. The date must be separated from the contact information so as to avoid any error or misunderstanding.

3. Recipient Information

Just below the date, with a difference of one line, mention the recipient’s information like the name, job title, company name, and the address of the company.

This is necessary so as to ensure the letter is with the right person or the person you wanted to address.

In case you are unsure of whom to address, try, and do some research before writing the letter.

4. Salutation

Write this part of the section after a gap of one line from the above section. Start by writing and addressing the reader by his/her first and last name like, “Dear Ms. Monisha Jain”. This is the formal salutation used when you don’t know the recipient.

Use the first name of the recipient when the letter is less formal or you know the recipient already, like “Dear Rakesh”.

5. Body of the letter

Maintain consistency in your formal letter and write the body of the letter to be more professional. Left aligned, single spacing, and a gap of one line between the subsequent paragraphs is considered as a standard format.

Remember to be brief and precise in your letter. After a line of self-introduction, quickly move to the main agenda of the letter.

6. Closing paragraph

Try and conclude your letter with the necessary context and data. Don’t make it too long or too short for the recipient to understand. The closing paragraph must be as short as two sentences. Write the reason and thank the reader for their consideration.

7. End of the letter

Include a thank you line after the body and a closing paragraph of the letter. Try not to repeat any line or any thought already mentioned in the letter.

8. Your signature

Write your signature below the end of the closing line of the letter. You should include an e-signature in the letter.

9. Enclosure

Sometimes, mailing a letter includes some documents for support like a resume, any report, or some working sheet. Add a section called “Enclosure” below your signature and mention what all documents you will be attaching with the letter.

Tips For Writing A Business Letter

When writing a business letter, many candidates forget certain bullet points that make a letter less formal and impressive. Follow the tips mentioned below to avoid any errors.

  1. Font style and size
  2. Proofreading
  3. Proper spacing and margin
  4. The beginning and end of the letter must be proper
  5. The mode of sending the letter must be predetermined

Business Letter Template

Here are some samples of a business letter for you to understand and use while you are writing a letter.

Sample 1:

12, East Nehru Palace,
557/64, Mahajan Ward,
Lucknow, UP
Contact : +91 90xxxxxxxx
Email : email id


Head of Customer Dealing,
32, Hosting Tower,
Pocket 2, Sector 21,

Dear XYZ,

With over 4 years of banking service, I can confidently tell you I am an expert at it. Banking is the sector that helps
each household in the country. With modern day contact less services provided by banks, the future of the country is
far more ahead than ever estimated.

I have been working with ABC Pvt. Ltd. for 4.2 years and had a great experience working as banker.
Graduated from Mohanlalji Shah Engineering College, I had been placed in (Company Name). Working for 1.4 years I was selected for (Comoany Name).

While my tenour at both (Company Name) and (Company Name), I had a star rating of
out of 5. This was given to me by my customer. Being friendly and always on my feet, I was also awarded with
a Golden Employee Award in (Company Name).

I would be happy to bring my knowledge of banking sector to your company with opportunity to increase
your customer bandwidth. Hoping to get an appointment with you to discussion.

Thank you for the consideration,

Sample 2:

Pitampura, New Delhi
Contact : +91 98xxxxxxxx
Email : email id


Recuiting Head,
(Company Name),
98/D, East Yashwant road,
Tagor Garden,


I hope all is good at your end. I would like to have breif meeting with you to get some insights as a top professional from
your field.

As the you already know my profile, working for banking sector always excites me. Most recently I have worked in a
consortion team for Laywork Steels along with other nationalised banks. I had a good time working do for (Company Name).

I’m looking for a new career venture currently, ideally with ability to work one-on-one with client, since I enjoy working
and interacting with the customer.

If you have time to talk over a cup of coffee that would be great. Else would be great to get your feedback and good words.



When you need to write any letter always remember to follow a format. All the letters are considered to have a professional touch with them. Being a business letter, preciseness and professionalism are always required.

Remember not to include or explain your problem in the letter; rather make it more short and simple for the reader to understand what is not mentioned deeply.

You have the format, the sample for the business letter above. Understand them and write your own letter.

All the best!

Over To You

The best way to reply or write a professional letter is a business letter. What are your thoughts on this? Write down your thought in the comment section below.

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