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Learn How To Add Resume To LinkedIn Effectively

Looking for ways how to add resume to LinkedIn? Are you accustom or familiar with LinkedIn? If not let me give you a brief about what LinkedIn is, then we shall discuss the ways of how to upload resume on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site and one of the largest job search sites. Many companies list their job openings on LinkedIn since this platform has working professionals. One can directly apply to the job vacancies through various options made available by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn profile and your resume share many similarities. This does not mean that they are altogether the same. LinkedIn displays your career path as well as your connections, groups you are interested in, and companies. Whereas resume is only meant to target that job position that’s all.

Tech-savvy candidates will find it easy to use LinkedIn for job search and applications. For those who find it difficult, there are many options to upload resume on LinkedIn. In this article, we will walk you through ways and methods to add a resume to LinkedIn, should you be adding a resume, and the benefits of adding.

How To Add Resume To LinkedIn Effectively

Being the best and largest professional network site, LinkedIn contains thousands of vacancies. To apply it directly, LinkedIn offers two options to include your resume in the profile.

Read the options mentioned below and choose the best suitable for you.

Option 1: Upload your resume and make it featured media

One of the best features of LinkedIn is that it allows users to upload articles, links, files, and even resume in their own profile. Users can upload the resume under the heading ‘featured media’.

This will be displayed in your LinkedIn profile and when the employer encounters your profile, they can have access to your resume directly. Here we have mentioned step by step process to upload your resume.

Step 1: Go to View Profile

Go to your profile, click open ‘ME’ dropdown menu in the rightmost corner. Click on ‘View Profile’.

Step 2: Click on the Add profile section

Click on the ‘Add profile section’ dropdown menu; again click and expand the ‘Featured’ tab.

Step 3: Click on Media

Click and select ‘Media’ and upload your recent resume file from your computer.

Follow these 3 simple steps to upload your resume in featured media which will be displayed on your profile.

Depending on your preferences, you can change the privacy setting and can make the resume publicly available for all LinkedIn users. Be careful while doing so, because your personal information such as name and address will also be accessible to all.

You will get noticed by recruiters if you upload a recent resume and regularly update your work profile. Being active will help you to get the attention of the recruiter.

Option 2: Easy apply

It is the best way to add a resume by applying for jobs using LinkedIn’s ‘Easy Apply’. You can find the job listed by using the following steps.

Step 1: Click on Job

Click on the ‘Jobs’ in the top row.

Step 2: Click on Easy Apply

Search for a job that is relevant to you and then click on ‘Easy Apply’. You can click on the job listed for more information on it.

Step 3: Click on Apply on LinkedIn

By clicking on ‘Apply on LinkedIn’, you will be redirected to a new page, upload your latest resume and job done.

Option 3:  General Job Applications

You can change the settings on LinkedIn for the store version of your latest updated resume. By doing so, you will be ready to send or apply directly to the job. Follow the below simple steps

Step 1: Click on ‘ME’ and then ‘Settings and Privacy’

Step 2: Select ‘Job seeking preferences’, from this menu select ‘Job application settings’.

Step 3: Remember to turn ON the ‘Save and manage your resumes and answers’ button.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Upload’ button and select your recently updated resume file from your computer.

Is Uploading Your Resume In LinkedIn A Good Idea?

There are a number of ways to put your resume on your LinkedIn profile but it is not the necessary step to follow. Therefore we have listed some points which can help you to decide whether uploading a resume will work in your favor or not.

1. Privacy Issue

You have all your private details like your name, the address mentioned in your resume. It is never advised to share such details publically. At the time you choose to upload your resume, the same time your information gets the public property.

Not only your details but your previous employer’s details will get public too. Moreover, if the resume contains some sensitive data, the risk will become more. Take time to analyze and then upload the resume.

2. Redundant data

You already have a LinkedIn profile and uploading your resume will make the data redundant. Hence uploading the same information twice is not required. While applying for a job via LinkedIn, the recruiters will automatically get your copy.

3. Access to all

When you upload your copy of your resume on LinkedIn, anyone can view and download the copy from your profile. This may create a problem for you in the future.

4. Tailor your resume

If you apply for a job on LinkedIn using your uploaded resume, you may lose the chance of putting your best foot forward. Because it is advised to tailor your resume according to the different job posts. But uploading the same resume for every job posting will hamper your chance of getting selected.

So choose wisely and make a decision that suits you.


Since your LinkedIn and resume are used for one and the same thing, i.e. for job applications. But LinkedIn provides some additional features and advantages. It’s totally a candidates’ choice to upload a resume on LinkedIn or not.
While using a resume for job applications, it is also a good idea to include LinkedIn URL in the resume to get the attention of the recruiter.

Hence, one must follow the steps mentioned above to upload your resume on LinkedIn and apply it to that dream job. Your connections on LinkedIn will also be helpful for you when you apply for a job.

Over To You

LinkedIn is yet another powerful platform for professionals and job seekers. . What is your thought about this? Tell us in the comment section below.

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