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Should You Include Your Address On Resume In 2021?

Not sure whether to put your address on resume or not? As a job seeker, you might have this confusion, and many times you get mixed suggestions on it. The perspective of answering this question depends on the type of employer and position.

Traditionally, including address on a resume was a must because physical mail was the only source to contact the candidate. But as technology progressed, most of the communications are done online.

Many people also consider keeping their address private until they form a relationship with the employer. For such cases, not including the address in the resume is acceptable.

So in this article, we have included major doubts every candidate’s faces while writing a resume. You will understand the pros, and cons of including address in your resume and things to be taken care of while adding your details, and proper address format.

Why Employer Wants You To Put Address On Resume?

There may be a few reasons why the employer wants your address in the resume. Read the below-mentioned points to understand.

1. If they can change the job offer based on your location

Based on the contact details you provide to the recruiter, they may make certain changes in your job offer. Suppose you are selected for a field job but you are not familiar with the local language. In this case, you may have different job locations, or recruiters have to make changes in job offers.

2. Contacting you for future opportunities

There may happen that you clear all the rounds but then you are then considered for future opportunities in the company. In this case, the recruiter may want to contact you. Hence they will need your address.

3. Going the traditional way

Some recruiters go via an old school manner and want the candidate’s address. But with a change in technology, they are also changing and becoming more flexible.

Pros Of Including Contact Details

Many recruiters have mixed opinions on the address in your resume. Some feel it is necessary while some are ok with the new trends. So below are some pros of including contact details in the resume.

1. Important and preferred by ATS

Mostly 45%-50% of the employer uses ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to strain and filter candidates. By not including your address in the resume, you might accidentally screen yourself out from that race.

2. For their records

A company usually compiles a record with your name as soon as you apply for a job. Hence the most important information in this regard is the contact details along with your email address.

If not included, your application may be rejected in the first place.

3. For checking your history

With so much fraud happening around, a history check has been made mandatory in every place. For doing so your address is a must. More than 90% of the employer checks the background of the candidate before offering them the job.

Cons Of Including Contact Details

Including an address in your resume may help the recruiter in many ways. One such way is making the situation less suspicious of them. But it is not the same case all the time. Including your address may be misleading and thus we have mentioned some cons below.

1. Possesses risk of privacy

While applying for a job through a third party, many job sites may take your personal details for their own database.

If you don’t want this to happen, ensure privacy protection.

2. Outdated format

In this world full of technology, most of the candidates will apply for a job using the internet as a medium, and very few will not. Recruiters are also becoming more flexible and techno-friendly. Thus including your address may be an outdated format.

3. It will take more space

It is not recommended to use more space, which will increase the length of your resume. One page resume is preferred no matter how experienced you are. In such cases, including an address will eat that space and elongate your resume.

How To Mention Proper Address Format On Resume?

Now that you have some clarity on whether to include your address on your resume or not. The next question may arise in your mind, how to write addresses. Refer to the points below to understand how to write an address on a resume.

1. Include only a city or state

If privacy and security is your main concern, don’t mention your complete address. Rather you can add your current city and state. This way the recruiter will get a rough idea about your location and you won’t be screened out from ATS.

2. Opt for not using your address at all

You can either skip the complete address or just mention your contact number and email id.
This way you will be notified via your email about the upcoming interviews or other rounds for the selection process.

3. Go traditional way

You go the conventional way and include the complete address. Remember to add the address to the top of the resume. Possibly use a single line to add your contact details.

4. Relocating to the city and state

If you plan to relocate in the near future, mention it very clearly. The recruiter must be aware of your relocation and new address for further procedures. You can add the pin code of a new location to intimate the recruiter.

Things To Be Taken Care Of Or While Adding Details

1. Maintain consistency

Avoid repeating the same information in your contact details, like the name. Repetition may result in a lack of a recruiter’s interest in your resume.

2. Current work email address

Do not use your current work email address. Use your personal email address. If you don’t have any spare email id, take out some time, and make a new one. It hardly takes 5 minutes to form a new email address.

3. Avoid using unnecessary information

Don’t share your Facebook or Instagram handle. Rather mention your LinkedIn URL. Also include the platform you use for work.

4. Date of birth

It is a quick way to mention to the recruiter that you are above a certain age limit and you are legally apt for certain jobs.


We believe now you can decide whether to add an address to your resume or not, always consider how comfortable are you while sharing this delicate information. Since the internet is the big thing now and everyone uses it. Leaving your address off the resume should not decrease your chances of selection.

You also have the option to share your details at the time of the interview. But make sure to pass ATS and get selected for the next step of recruitment. Recruiters have only limited time to scan your resume so leave no stone unturned.

Over To You

To add or not to add will always be a topic of discussion. Write your thoughts on whether to include an address or not in the comments below.

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