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best jobs for introverts

12 Best Jobs For Introverts That You Must Know

What are the best jobs for introverts? Are you looking for this?

Not everyone is the same. Every person is different in one way or the other. If you are an introvert you are independent, creative, a good observer, and a great listener. You have many such abilities that can get you an amazing job. You can check my another article about how to get a job.

Do not worry at all there are many careers for introverts waiting out there for you. And you have to pick according to your preferences and requirements.

Best Jobs for Introverts

  1. Accountant

The core duty of the accountant is to manage the accounts which include creating financial reports, developing accounting policies for the organization, etc. This is a very good option for shy people. This job doesn’t require an outgoing nature. That is why it is an ideal career path.

Estimated Salary: $56,000/year (1-2 year experience).

  1. Graphic designer

If you are an artist you can work with a company or at home also. You spend a lot of time in your creativity and in generating new ideas for your work. This can be done alone with your imaginative thinking. It is a very option just make a strong portfolio and work as a freelancer. Be creative in the comfort of your home.

Estimated Salary: $39,000/year (1-2 years experience).

  1. Writer

This is one of the most popular career options for introverts. As this can be done all alone. You need not interact with many people you have to only focus on your writing and too can be done alone. Just take your pen or paper or your laptop and start it from anywhere.

Estimated Salary: $55,000/year (1-2 years experience).

  1. Editor

You have to review the content and prepare your copy of the edited content. This includes grammar, spelling, errors, or any other mistake. This job doesn’t require you to be an extrovert.

Estimated Salary: $42,000/year (1-2 years experience).

  1. Librarian

You have to manage records of the library, check for books availability, manage events if any, and look after other staff working in the library. You have to supervise things but without much people interaction. As we all know library is a silent place where people come to read.

Estimated Salary: $50,000/year (1-2 years experience).

  1. Artist

This is another creative job for loners. You have to say with your art, not with your words. This is a creative process and needs concentration. If you a loner and you observe things in a different way start to paint your thoughts and became an artist.

Estimated Salary: $60,000/year (1-2 years experience).

  1. Auditor

You have to review financial reports and generate tax statements. This is the top job for quiet people and not so stressful. Except when the tax season comes around.

Estimated Salary: $60,000/year (1-2 years experience).

  1. Photographer

If you see the things around you in a different way unlike others you can do photography. It is a creative job and which allows you to travel and explore things. And you can do it all by yourself.

Estimated Salary: $35,000/year (1-2 years experience).

  1. Biochemist

If you have a strong science background you can opt for a biochemist job. Your work is to perform research in the lab and help in making drugs. You have to perform studies on DNA and most of the time you are working in labs without much people interaction. You can also work in corporate labs or in medical institutes.

Estimated Salary: $54,000/year (1-2 years experience).

  1. Astrologer

You can make your career in astrology. It is a great combination of science and math. You can work with great devices like electron microscopes, laser, and particle accelerators. You can also do your Ph.D. in astronomy and earn a good income.

Estimated Salary: $35,000/year (1-2 years experience).

  1. Marine engineer

This is a high-paying job with great career growth. You have to help build the inner working of ships and other marine transport. For example building engines, electrical systems, refrigeration units, etc. This requires less human interaction and you get a handsome amount.

Estimated Salary: $85,000/year (1-2 years experience).

  1. Actuary

If you are good at mathematics then this field is for you. Actuary sits behind the desk in insurance agencies or banks and performs their jobs. You have to analyze the financial consequences of risks by using statistics and data.

Estimated Salary: $110,605/year (1-2 years experience).


Do not worry if you are an introvert and looking for a job. These jobs must have helped you in finding a suitable career for yourself. The above-mentined jobs don’t require much interaction or public speaking which makes you feel conscious.

Choose the best job for you and go ahead in your career.

Over to You

Are you an introvert? Which job did you choose for yourself? Does the above-mentioned job help you in making your career?

I would love to hear from you.

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