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20 Must have Office Etiquette For Every Workplace

Office etiquette is important for professional growth. We all spend a lot of time at our workplace and share a common space with others. That means respecting each other’s space, time and following the company rules is a must. It forms a good impression on others and helps you in growing.

In this fast pacing and evolving world, sometimes we didn’t pay much attention to our manners. But we should pay more attention to how we behave at our offices.

I have compiled a list of professional etiquette which will help you towards more success.

Top 20 Office Etiquette You Must Follow

  1. Arrive on time

Time is precious. We should respect our and other’s time as well. Be on time in office, no one like a latecomer. Whether it is a client meeting or a team meeting always reach on time.

Arriving somewhat early will help you. This will make others understand the importance of time.

  1. Be sensible

You should act sensibly in every small or big thing, for example, keep your cubicle tidy and organized, keep your workplace kitchen area clean for example airtight your food in the refrigerator, throw used tissues in dustbins.

  1. Be friendly to new employees

For every newcomer, the first day at the office looks horrific until you find some comfort in your colleagues or team members. So always try to be friendly with your new employees, tell them about your duties and how can assist them.

If they are in your team ask them if they need any help, ask them for lunch, tea/coffee to initiate some conversation other than work to make them feel comfortable.

  1. Dress according to the office

You should follow your office dress code. Always dress as per your company’s decorum. If you are not sure about the dress code you can ask your HR about the same.

You check my article on what is the best outfit for an interview.

  1. Wear a smile

A smile keeps the bad mood away. You can keep a smile on your face while interacting with someone or guiding someone. This way things become more normal when during hard times and your colleagues will feel more comfortable around you.

  1. Stay home when sick

It is good to stay home when you are sick than to go to your workplace and spread your germs. Take a sick leave and rest at home and get well soon to go to work.

If you are feeling a little better but still not recovered and you must have work. In such a situation work from your home till you get recovered.

  1. Respect coworkers off time

You should understand and try not to contact your co-worker when they are off to work, on vacation, on sick leave, etc. It is their time and you must respect it. In case of some urgent work contact as per the direction given.

  1. End meeting on time

You should always try to wind up your discussion on time. You don’t know what other colleague’s plans are. They may be miss out on something if you stretch your meeting for too long.

Keep it in time and allow others the time to speak about the matter or if any questions they have in their mind.

  1. Mute your gadgets

Put your cellphone, your computer voice, and other things on silent. Sudden ringing or too many notifications sounds may disturb others especially during a meeting or when working in a common area.

  1. Communication with decency

You should use a formal tone while communicating with your colleagues, clients, or any other work person. No matter how much friendly you are with them you should not use anything like that.

Try to behave like a professional and speak with a class that will also maintain your position.

11. Avoid gossips

Maintaining decorum is a must while having conversations at the office. During chit-chat, if it is going to the way of gossip try to cut the topic and discuss your workplace topics only. Sometimes gossips can be harmful so try not to be a part of it.

12. Pay attention to hygiene

It is very important to keep yourself clean as well as things around you. When using the washroom in your workplace keep it clean after and before use. You must follow the common restroom rules.

13.  Resolve conflicts professionally

If you are having any conflicts with your coworker. You should resolve it as soon as possible. Go and speak with the concerned person and check your matter professionally.

If something serious you can go to your manager or any of your senior members and ask for help.

14. See positives

Whenever you feel low, dejected, or frustrated you must see the positive side of your job. It will help you to keep motivated and energetic towards your work.

15. Boost others

You must acknowledge your colleagues when they help you and reward them or appreciate them whenever required. If you discuss any idea that comes from any of your team members you must credit the actual person.

16. Offer help

You can always help others. If any of your colleagues need help you should go and help them. If you are unable to assist them in any case, at least guide or tell them the concerned person who may help them.

17. Open to new ideas

When someone suggested any new idea and that change may look uncomfortable to you. You should not just get off the idea instead think from others’ perspectives also.

Sometimes trying new ways can make a great deal and it also encourages productivity.

18. Respect others privacy

You should respect the privacy of others colleagues. Some people may want to share while some are not. While having a conversation check how familiar the person is with you. Be mindful, of the types of questions you are asking your coworker.

19. Don’t blame

Usually, this happens when some issue comes up in the workplace. Everyone trying to blame each other. Instead of pointing fingers see what you can do in the matter. Find out ways to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

20. Be patient

In the end, everyone has some flaws and no one is perfect. Understand others and accept them will help to keep your professional bond strong.

What are Business Party Manners?

Office parties are more of a social gathering where you meet all your colleagues in or out of your team. You must enjoy this gathering but at the same time, you should act sober and in a dignified way.

Try not to do anything stupid which can spoil your image. Be respectful to all and greet everyone. You must try to interact with everyone and learn about their views or life. You can initiate small conversations outside the work this is a good way to make new connections.


Implementing a set of rules in the organization is always a good practice. You must follow your workplace manners to be a successful employee.

If mistakenly you have done something wrong try to speak with the concerned person. You must apologize if anything bad has happened from your end.

If you follow good manners it will project your professional image and strengthens your personality.

Over to You

Do you have some set of rules at your office? If yes, what are they? From the above-mentioned rules which one helped you to be a good employee?

I would love to hear from you.

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