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what to wear to an interview

What To Wear To An Interview: Choose Your Best Attire

When you are going for an interview other than your skills you also want to look good.  For this purpose, you must think about what to wear to an interview? This is a smart move to make a good impression on the interviewer.

Most successful interviews depend on both how well you are performing and how well you present yourself. The most important thing to consider while going for an interview is – you should look professional no matter which position you are applying for. You must look neat, tidy, and fresh.

I have written this article to help you guide on what to wear to a job interview?

What to Wear to an Interview: The Best Attire

It is recommended to wear formal clothes for a job interview. No matter you are interviewing for big companies like Google, Amazon, McDonald’s, KFC, Walmart, etc, or for small companies. And no matter you are applying for nursing, teacher, waitress, receptionist, hotelier, etc you must look professional with respect to your field.

According to research published in Social Psychological And Personality Science, wearing formal clothes will enhance creativity, thinking, and strategy.

Research the Office Attire

When you are going for an interview it is best to find the workplace dress code. You can check the company’s website or its social media handles.

If you can’t find the dress code you can ask the HR manager for the same. If in case you didn’t get to know in any way possible you can wear the outfit which best suits your job profile. You should try to look professional as well as elegant in your outfit.

However, if you having an online interview the don’t worry about what to wear for a zoom interview? You can check your best attire here.

The three types of attires:

  • Smart casual – These dresses are light and super casual with neutral colors while giving a formal look. For example jeans with a shirt for men’s and jeans with elegant top for women.
  • Business casual – These dresses are more on the formal side but not complete formal. For men, it is trousers with a shirt and a casual jacket with leather shoes.  For women, it is a knitted pants with a top and a casual upper coat with fancy flats.  This is the most common interview outfit.
  • Business formal – This includes the traditional formal look like the one for lawyers, consultants, bankers, etc. These are almost the same for both men’s and women’s trousers with a shirt and a blazer with formal shoes.

What to Wear for an Interview Female?

  • Professional Tops & Bottoms

For women, it is best to wear a formal, simple top pair up with trousers. You can also go for a shirt and a light blazer pair it up with trousers. If you want you can also wear salwar kameez or kurta. You should make sure whatever you are wearing it should have a light color and gives an elegant look.

  • Footwear

In footwear, you can wear simple heels with up to 3 feet. You should make sure that your footwear looks neat, tidy and if you are wearing a belly then it should be polished.

  • Accessories

You should wear simple and elegant accessories. Don’t wear too many or that produced a lot of sounds. You can wear a simple necklace or a chain and a bracelet.

What to Wear to an Interview Men?

  • Professional T-shirt & Bottoms

For men, it is best to wear a collared shirt with long sleeves with pants. You should make sure it is perfectly tucked in inside your pants. You can also wear a simple tie but it is optional. If you feel like wearing a blazer suits your job profile you can surely go for a blazer to make it look more professional.

  • Footwear

You should wear nicely cleaned professional shoes. Try not to wear funky or jogging shoes. Make sure your shoes are polished and clean. You can go for colors like black & brown. Also wear simple shocks which match your trousers.

Useful Tips

  • Most of the interviews considered formal, except for the ones which say no dress code.
  • Try to go with nice colors which don’t overemphasize your look. You can go in black.
  • When choosing a dress for yourself try to do color coordination like black with grey etc.
  • Your clothes should be neat and ironed. Also, take care of your shoes they should be polished and clean.
  • No matter what attire you choose for yourself, it should be fitted and look formal.

Things to Avoid

  • Avoid choosing vibrant colors.
  • Do not wear sports shoes, flip-flops, or sleepers. It will look unprofessional and form a bad impression.
  • Try not to wear tank tops or tops with thin straps.
  • Do not wear shorts or boxers for the interview.
  • Try not to use strong fragrance perfumes or deodorants.


Each and everything matters to you when it is about getting your dream job. Now, you know your best outfit for the interview. Be ready, prepare well and give your best shot.  We wish you all the best.

Over to You

Which outfit do you choose for your interview? Which of the above-mentioned tips works best for you?

I would love to hear from you.

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