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how to write a resignation letter

How To Write A Resignation Letter To Leave a Job

Planning to resign from your current job in 2021? Searching for how to write a resignation letter? You can learn about this in the article below.

A resignation letter is a formal letter sent by the individual who wishes to discontinue to their employer giving a formal notice that they will no longer be serving the company.

It is an essential part of leaving a job. The letter should be brief and professional. You should focus on thanking your manager for the skills that you have learned during your employment.

Although telling your employer that you are leaving the company is never an easy conversion. A precise, legitimate, and formal resignation that has all your details and information necessary to be generated before your employer. It will help you to bridge a gap between that awkward goodbye and formal release.

In this article, let us understand how to write a resignation letter. We also cover writing tips and what to avoid in a formal resignation letter template.

How to Write a Resignation Letter?

Drafting a resignation letter is never an easy task. It is like another obstacle that has to be cleared before starting your journey in a news organization. However, maintaining professionalism, writing a precise letter is very important. Leaving your current employee on good terms is important.

It needs not to be long but it must have certain sections. A list of what should be included in the resignation letter is mentioned below.

1. A formal introduction

A polite and friendly introduction is required such as Dear Sir/Ma’am or the Manager’s name.

2. Address the letter to the relevant person

Always keep in mind to address the letter to the concerned person to whom you were reporting.

3. Resignation statement

It is always preferred to clearly mention the job title along with the company name.

 4. Stating the date of the last day of work

Always refer to the term of your employment contract and specify your last date of working along with the notice period.

5. Offer of support

Depending upon your responsibility and status in the current job, make it clear that you are ready to train your replacement and helping out your team post your exit.

6. Your contact number for future

Always sign your letter followed by your personal contact information for any question post your exit.

Important Tips for Resignation Letter Template

Here are some of the important tips which will help you in crafting your letter.

1. Use a template or some examples

Remember to use templates for writing the formal letter. Templates or example resignation letter have some blank fields which can be easily filled by the individual using business-related words. For writing your own resignation, such templates can be used.

2. Be firm, direct, and to the point

Be firm in your decision and you may come across some negotiation or sequence of questions as to why do you want to leave. Extending your notice period may be asked. But be firm and be direct in your letter because it can help you to end the term on positive terms.

3. Always remember to be professional

Never ever use it as an opportunity to complain to the employer, insult someone, or even criticizing other employees from the company.

Remember your resignation letter will only convey that you want to end your term as a full time working in that company.

4. Proofread and spell check

Be always sure to thoroughly spell check and proofread the letter before submitting it to the employer.

Make sure all the information mentioned is correct to your knowledge and accurate. You can use spell check or grammar check software, as well as ask your family or friend to review it for you.

5. Look for legal advice

Depending upon the nature of your work and your position you might need the help of a legal advisor for your resignation.

Try not to end the term with a legal notice rather always try to bid goodbye at a positive term.

6. Consider speaking to your manager

If you have a good relationship with your manager, try and discuss the reason for leaving the job. Express your gratitude to the seniors in your team and team members.

Try to inform your supervisor in person prior to submitting your letter as a courtesy.

What to Avoid?

The resignation letter is the formal letter stating to the employer that the candidate will no longer be working with the company. Hence, such a letter must always be written in polite nature and it should always state the facts. Below are some important points to be remembered and should be avoided while writing it.

  1. Never criticize your employer or the company you were working for.
  2. Do not point to any co-worker, subordinates, or manager in your letter.
  3. Try not to mention or explain why you are leaving the job.
  4. Don’t brag about the next job offered to you.
  5. Be precise and try to complete it on one page.
  6. Always do proofreading. Don’t send an unedited letter to the employer.
  7. Don’t use offensive or inappropriate language.
  8. Never refuse to come in and work for the notice period duration.
  9. Do not avoid talking to your boss.
  10. Never spread or convey any rumors in your resignation letter.


Sometimes, the nature of the position you were in plays a very important role. If you are in an executive position a small letter won’t serve the purpose. It is because that position is not filled in easily.

If you are in a lower rank job, a small and precise resignation letter will work. A polite gesture is always required no matter what position you were serving in the company.

Try not to show your disrespect towards anyone in the organization, be grateful, and show your support while your departure.

If a resignation letter was written well, it will help you to bridge that gap and to maintain your professional network intact as soon as you start your new venture.

Over to You

What do you think about writing a resignation letter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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