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recommendation letter sample

How To Write A Recommendation Letter (Sample)

Have you been asked to write or request a recommendation letter sample or a reference letter? Writing or requesting a recommendation letter can be challenging.

If you are looking for a job it is important to have a recommendation letter that will suit your job profile and help you in getting hired. In the same way, if you are writing a recommendation letter you have to craft it well with all the details required.

So, before moving forward to understand how to write a recommendation letter. You should know what a recommendation letter is and why it is important?

A recommendation letter is a signed written letter that provides feedback on an individual’s performance, skills like leadership, etc, and work that he/she was working on. You may be asked to prepare or write a reference letter or letter of recommendation for someone who is applying for a job, volunteer opportunity, internship, or college application.

The main purpose of the recommendation letter is to approve, confirm, and endorse an individual and what he/she has learned in the letter and give a validation about his/her performance or habits.

A letter of recommendation is primarily designed to add that extra weight-age and merit to your job application. Hence an effectively written reference letter will support your job application.

In this article, you will find the A-Z solution of how to write a recommendation letter, what is to be included in a recommendation letter, what is the need for it, some tips, and how to ask for a recommendation letter.

What to Include in Recommendation Letter Sample?

Your reference letter or letter of recommendation must include the following items :

  1. A small introduction
  2. Date of recommendation letter
  3. Business relationship
  4. Special attributes that must be included in the letter
  5. Contact information of person writing a letter

What is the Need for a Recommendation Letter Template and Who Needs It?

Below we have mentioned in brief who will need the letter of recommendation along with the reason why they need the letter of recommendation.

1.Individual who wants to add or amplify their resume

If the individual feels that their cover letter, the resume, or both are not strong enough for them to get that leverage. In such cases, a letter of recommendation helps them to get that job which will be otherwise difficult for them.

2. Students who are applying for university, scholarship, etc.

Almost all the reputed and big universities and scholarship programs require a minimum of 2 letters of recommendation as to the part of the application or admission process.

Here the reference letter must be from any previous teaching staff or teaching professor who knows the candidate academically.

3. Candidate applying for a job

For many cases, a well-written cover letter, a resume is acceptable by the hiring manager. Yet some companies require a reference letter in addition to the cover letter and resume.

The most accepted and convincing recommendation letter is that which is written by some senior. But a recommendation letter from a co-worker is also acceptable. Teacher and physician assistant are such examples where the written recommendation is a must.

How to Ask for a Recommendation Letter?

Till now, you must have understood the importance of a recommendation letter, its need, and why one must opt for it before a job or scholarship program.

Let us now understand how one must ask for a recommendation letter and what must be the proper etiquette to ask for that letter which will make a huge difference in the candidate’s profession.

1.Use Polite and gentle language

Remember to always use a gentle phrase to ask for the letter of recommendation. Never use a direct phrase even if that person is your co-worker.

The letter will plan a huge difference in your professional life, so always select a good and experienced person to write a letter for you.

2. Explain your situation

Never be in a hustle to get the letter of recommendation and never jump straight into asking for their reference. Explain to the other person why exactly you need the recommendation letter.

This will help the person to understand the seriousness and he might help you in the first place.

3. Ask in person

Always ask for a recommendation letter in person. This will have a positive impact on the person and will show your seriousness towards the job.

4. Explain why are you asking them

It is always a good habit to explain that another person why you selected them and why their recommendation letter is so important along with your resume.

Many times, this will have played a positive role on your behalf and thus another person might take out time from his/her busy schedule for you.

5. Always express your gratitude

Expressing your gratitude and gratefulness to the one writing the recommendation letter for you is really very important at the same time it is very crucial and essential too.

Since they are taking out time to write something for you, so you must always be appreciative of them.

6. Be patient

Being nagging and pushy to get the recommendation letter at the earliest is not good. Wait at least for a week or 2 to hear back from the one you selected to write a reference letter for you.

No one wants a letter that is less inspiring and thus such a letter would not serve your purpose of getting a good job. So always remember to be kind, polite, and patient in getting your recommendation letter.

Some Important Tips

  1. Analyze and check the sample reference letter available on the internet before writing the letter. Be double-sure to customize your final recommendation letter so that the skills and strength must be reflected properly.
  2. Ask for the skills, experience, and abilities of the person you are writing a reference letter for. This will add more value to the letter and it will be beneficial for the person you are writing the letter.

If possible, ask for the job description copy and resume of the person, so that you can be more accurate with the letter.

  1. Make sure you proofread the letter from some trusted source. Pay special attention to grammar and spellings.

Recommendation Letter Template

Recommendation letters may have many formats and one can write them in their own convenient way. Below are some sample recommendation letters that may help you to proceed further with your own letter.

Sample #1

A sample recommendation letter that shows a job recommendation for another employee.

recommendation letter template

Sample #2

A sample recommendation letter that shows a college recommendation for a student from a faculty.

recommendation letter template


A recommendation letter is a document designed to add that extra weightage for your job or college/ scholarship application. A strong, most appropriate, and well-written reference letter will do the job and will make your way clear to get that job.

Remember to always mention all the positive skills and abilities in your recommendation letter. Because something which is negative written in the letter won’t serve the purpose.

Over to You

You must have got an idea about the recommendation letter and its importance for you. What is your thought on this article? Do share your views in the comment section below.

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