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[Examples] How To Write A Perfect Resume Headline?

A resume headline is located just below your name and above your profile summary in your CV (Curriculum Vitae). In just one of two lines it summarize your skills and pronounces your career goal or objective. A good resume title tells why you are unique and coaxes the recruiter to read further.

A resume objective statement must be brief, easy to read, and persuasive. It is bereft of any complex words. I have written this article to help you in composing a good objective. You will find important tips and examples for writing a compelling headline in this article.

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Resume Headline: Examples, Ideas and Tips

Why is Resume Title Important?

One of the top studies by ladders says recruiter spend on an average of 7.4 seconds to screen your CV and decide whether it’s worth reading or not. This proves that headline in a resume is very important as it is the first thing that a recruiter will notice.

In my experience also, the recruiters carefully read your CV title while scanning your resume. If they like it then they continue to read further, otherwise they skip to the next resume. An average resume headline may not pass their screening process.

Regardless of the nature of the hiring process or the stage of career you are in, you must compose a good CV headline. You should check our automated profile headline generator for building awesome headings.

A good title immediately grabs recruiters’ attention and goes a long way in shortlisting your profile. You should write an enticing headline even if you have to spend a few hours composing it.

Tips to Write Compelling CV Title

You should remember the following some important tips while writing profile objectives.

  1. Keep titles short and precise

A highly complex and lengthy sentence will be difficult to read. The headline should be one brief phrase. The main aim is to showcase your values as a candidate. If you have more to say keep it in the summary section.

2. Use keywords

You should use keywords that will determine your skills, experience as a candidate. Properly review the job description and search for those keywords that will relate to your skill sets.

Include these keywords in the headline, this will show that you’re a perfect fit for that job profile and you will also pass the screening process if keywords are added into it.

3. Place it on the top

Your CV objective statement should be the first thing that the recruiter will read. By placing the headline at the top after the name and other contact information, the recruiter is more likely to read the complete profile.

4. Personalize all your headlines

Ideally, each headline for every job should be personalized before you apply. Make sure to take out time and research the company and check the job description to make your headline suitable for the respective job.

Always remember the headline ideally sums up all achievements in a single line so tactfully frame the headline including your skills and abilities. Check our title builder tool for creating personalized headings.

5. Let the data talk

You have to make sure that you add percentages, and numbers to be more specific like ‘increased sales by 15%’ rather than ‘increased sales’.

You should focus on your skills that can add data to it and can be featured in your headline more prominently.

6. Revise your CV and the headline

You should revise your CV every time before sending it. Make sure you personalized it every time and use the headline to target a specific job you applied for.

7. Proofread the headline

You should never miss anything before submitting your bio-data for a job. Your headline is the first part of your profile so be careful and doesn’t leave a typo behind. Have an eagle-eyed on each and every details that you mention and add power words in your profile.

Resume Headline Examples for Sample Jobs

For Freshers

  • A passionate individual with great interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Good understanding of Software Algorithms.
  • Dynamic and energetic MBA graduate with an internship in Asian Paints.
  • Eager to contribute to all phases of the developmental cycle.
  • Can work with senior members to create security metrics for the future.

For Managers

  • Bringing 10 years of successful management and supervision of high and low budget projects. Early Adopter and Innovator.
  • Success-driven manager, possess proficiency in providing marginal support for diverse projects, tracking record of improving productivity, and reducing the cost of operation.
  • Seeking to use exceptional skills in preparing inventory demand projections, and to deliver accurate metrics to impact sales.
  • A successful senior manager with marketing experience.

For Customer Service Executives

  • Customer Services Rep. with 95% Customer Satisfaction.
  • Strong Customer Orientation & ability to engage with different types of customers.
  • Resolute IT Customer Services Agent.
  • Adept at handling Customer Complaints & provide appropriate solutions.

For Data Entry Operators

  • 10-Key Typing Speed of 15,000 KPH with zero errors.
  • Maintained 98% accuracy in two fast-paced data entry positions.
  • Entering 850-1000 records per day.
  • Highly accurate data entry clerk with 6 years experience

For Engineers

  • Congenial engineer serving from five years.
  • Knowledge and experience in automated testing tools.
  • Sound knowledge of automation frameworks such XYZ.

For Software Developers

  • Expert in developing Responsive & Interactive websites.
  • Ability to communicate & present ideas.
  • Capable of Performance Testing, Documentation, and Deployment on live site.

For Accountants

  • Master’s degree in Accounting.
  • Hands on experience in XYZ ERP.
  • Excellent experience with Invoicing, Billings, and Payment activities
  • Capable of handling Accounting Operations and Cash Flow Management.

For Teachers

  • Understanding of innovative & modern teaching methods.
  • Masters in Physics along with a B.Ed. degree.
  • Dedicated and punctual high school educator in mathematics and physics.

For Business Analysts

  • Expert in conducting primary and secondary research.
  • Negotiation and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of business process automation and workflow concepts.

For Sales Executives

  • Major skills include pre-sales proposals, handling customer conflict, identifying new business opportunities & excellent customer service.
  • Energetic sales executive awarded twice in a row.

For Graphic Designers

  • Hopeful for a full-time Solution Architect position.
  • Extensive experience in Design, Development, & Application Maintenance.
  • Technical Experimentation, Functional Design Specifications, & Cloud Computing.

Who Should Use Profile Headline?

Everyone should use good headlines in their resume. The usage of CV title is regardless of the fact that you are a fresher or a experienced working professional.

If you are new to the job field and have no experience, an objective statement will help you to get shortlisted for the skills that a recruiter is looking for in a candidate.

If you have some experience than you should briefly mention your achievements in the headline.

Regardless of your current position, you should try to tailor your headline in accordance with the job requirements.


A CV headline can be construed as a one-line summary of your complete profile. It is the first thing that an employer notices in your resume. A short, crisp, and precise headline can make or break your aspirations for a dream job.

You should always modify your profile objective to in line with the job description given by a recruiter. You can also look at my article on creating beautiful resumes that will help you in getting your dream job.

Over to You

What has been your experience with writing resume headlines? Do you tailor them before applying to a job? Have you ever checked with a recruiter why your resume was shortlisted or rejected?

I would love to hear from you.

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