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13 Unique Interview Tips To Get Your Next Best Job

Even when you are giving 100’s of interviews. Every time you meet new people, learn new interview tips which will help you in your next time preparation. This is an ongoing learning process.

But there are some unique tips that work for almost every type of interview. These techniques will help you in acing your interview. By preparing for your interview in advance will make the situation less stressful.

In this article, you will learn tips and tricks for interviews.

Best Interview Tips to Improve Your Performance

1. Research the company

When you go for an interview do your homework by researching and knowing about the company. You can check the company’s website its social media handles etc.

By learning about the company you will be able to make a good impression on the interviewer. It is also recommended to do a small research on the recruiter or the one who is going to take the interview. This way you will be able to provide your answers in the best way possible.

Whenever you are doing research on the company don’t forget to use its service or products whatever they are offering. For example, if it is a coffee-making factory don’t forget to taste its coffee, if it’s a soap-making company don’t forget to use its soap.

Every employer wants you to understand its business. And every company likes to hire one who is already a fan of its products or services.

2. Be prepared in advance

You should not wait for the last-minute call and then prepare yourself. Get ready in advance to reduce the interview stress. You should get extra copies of your resume, a pen, and a notepad, get your interview attire ready (clothes, shoes, and bags, etc.). If these things are ready in advance you will have more time and you can focus more on your interview.

3. Prepare your own set of questions

Generally when recruiters ask this question “do you have any questions to ask from us?” candidates reply as NO.

You should not do this, the interview is not only about that they want to know you. It is about that you also want to know them. You should be prepared for your questions which you will ask from the hiring manager in advance.

4. Get good sleep

Interview sometimes is a long hours process. It is important for you to look fresh and energetic. You should grab some good sleep before the night of the interview so that your mind and body are relaxed and you are ready to give your best shot.

5. Practice

You don’t know what they will ask from you. You don’t have a clear set of questions. But what you know is how you will deliver your speech and how you will communicate.

You can take help from your friend and practice a mock interview where you can check yourself that how confident you are and how well you are delivering your speech. You can do this practice any number of times till you feel comfortable.

6. Prepared the common questions

You can prepare the most common questioned asked during an interview. There are certain questions like “Tell us about yourself?” “What is your greatest weakness?” etc. these are asked in almost all types of interviews. So it is better to prepare as many questions as you can.

7. Use appropriate language

We all know that we should use professional language during the interview. But you should always be aware of the things to say and not to say. You should not use any inappropriate words or talk about things related to religion, politics, etc.

8. Be a good listener

You should listen to the interviewer first and then provide your answer. It is a good practice when you listen carefully to the speaker and then provide your point. Don’t interrupt the interviewer in between, listen and then answer.

9. Look confident

Every candidate is panic or nervous before the interview. But you should hide this nervousness and look confident to give your best shot. Nobody likes to hire a less confident and panicked employee. You can try deep breathing practice to feel relaxed and confident from within.

Even if you have a video interview on zoom, skype, etc. you must check your body language. You may be presenting yourself virtually but looking confident is necessary. You should also check your interview attire whether it is a face-to-face interview or a virtual interview.

10. Silent your phone

A simple but useful trick. Many candidates forgot to put their cell phones on silent. It doesn’t look nice if your phone beeps or started ringing during the interview process. Take care of small things is important.

Other than if you have a telephonic interview. If this is so your must charge your phone, check the network connectivity and make sure you will be free at the time of the interview. You can check my article on tips & tricks for a phone interview.

11. Reach early

It is ok to wait for some time then to get late. If you think that your interview location is far or you might face traffic within your journey. It is best to arrive at the location before time.

12. Eat properly

You should not skip your meal before the interview. Always eat your food properly and try to take a healthy diet. Also, carry some food items with you in case the interview process is going to belong.

13. Watch your body gestures

You must be speaking from your mouth but your body postures tell a lot about you. Maintain a good posture by seating straight and head up. While talking you can move your hands also. Don’t chew your lips or don’t show any kind of nervousness on your face.


You can follow these tips to tackle your interview. You should always remember to send the interviewer a thank-you note after the interview this will form a good impression in front of the recruiter.

Over to You

Have you learned any new things from your interview experience? Does any of these tips mentioned above help you? Please share your experience or tips which helped you.

I would love to hear from you.

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