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Top 10 Phone Interview Tips That Will Get You Shortlisted

First of all Congratulations! You are looking for phone interview tips it means you got selected for a telephonic interview or an interview by phone.

Many companies choose to screen the candidates by conducting a phone interview before the final round. Your call interview is your first chance to impress the recruiter. If you pass this round chances are that the recruiter will select you for the next round.

You want to prepare your best then don’t worry this guide will teach you how to nail your phone interview and some important techniques which will help you over the call.

Best Phone Interview Tips

1. Research the company

You should always research for the company before your interview. You can check the company’s website and social media to learn about the company.

If you know who is going to take your interview check them on social media if possible like Linkedin profile. This will help you tailor your answer in the best possible way.

2. Take it seriously

You should not think of it as a casual telephonic conversation. You have to take it seriously. For acing a phone interview you have to make suitable preparation to clear your first hurdle.

3. Show the hiring manager that you are capable

You should match your achievements and responsibility with the job description and try to convenience the hiring manager that you are the perfect match for the job.

4. Keep all your documents handy

At the time of the interview keep all your documents in one place for example your resume, job description, a pen, and paper. To avoid any last-minute hustle.

To write a perfect resume for your dream job you can check my complete guide on resume making.

5. Practice interview

Many of the candidates do this exercise when going for a face-to-face interview. But you should also do this exercise when going for a telephonic interview. You can prepare answers to some predictable questions and take the help of your friend call him/her and practice for your interview.

6. Prepare the common questions

There are certain questions that are common for every job seeker. You can practice these questions to crack your interview:

  • Tell me about yourself and your responsibilities?
  • What are you looking for in your next job?
  • When will be able to join if you are selected for the job?
  • If the work office is at another location will you be able to relocate?
  • Why are you leaving your current job?

7. Cut the distraction

This is one of the important things to be considered during the telephonic interview. You must choose a distraction-free or a silent place for your interview. Lock your doors and windows so that outside noise will not bother you.

8. Listen first then speak

You should be an active listener. Listen to everything delivers by your hiring manager and after listening provide your answer. You must follow the phone interview etiquette.

Don’t just listen quietly which creates silence from your side, you can add fillers like ‘hmm’, ‘ok’, ‘yes’. Try not to become that person who makes the hiring manager repeats the question again and again.

9. Don’t sound dull

It is another tip for your phone interview preparation. Many candidates sound so dull during telephonic interviews. You are not sitting in front of the recruiter.

So you have to sound and make him feel like you are energetic and enthusiastic. But don’t be too high or too low. Try to balance your pitch according to the situation. You can smile or even laugh when every required.

You should have a protein-rich diet before an interview it will make you feel better and energetic throughout the process.

10. Ask the next steps

After you are done with the interview you can ask the hiring manager about the next steps. If there is something which you have to do on your own or will they provide the update? This will show that you are keen to hear from them and are much interested in the job role.

How to Handle an Unexpected Telephonic Interview?

Many recruiters screen candidates on the basis of phone calls. Sometimes you receive unexpected interview calls or job calls. The purpose of every such call is not the same every time.

Sometimes it is just a casual formal call in which the recruiter wanted to know about whether you are looking for a job or a job change. But sometimes the recruiter call unexpectedly to know will you be able to handle the situation or not.

In both cases, you have to be prepared for how to handle the call. Whenever you get the unexpected telephonic interview call follow these steps:

  • Request for a callback

You should provide your introduction first and after that, you can request the recruiter to give a call back after 5-10 minutes. If it is possible. In the meantime, you can find a quiet place to talk, revise the job description and you can also carry your resume with you.

  • Reschedule the interview

When you receive an unexpected call from the recruiter. There might be chances that you are not able to talk because of some reason. In such a case, you can provide your quick details to the recruiter and humbly ask for a call to reschedule so that you can give your interview or have a conversation peacefully.

How to Follow Up After an Interview Through Phone?

It is a good practice to be followed after you are done with your interview:

  • You can ask for the recruiter’s email Id if you don’t have one.
  • Send a simple thank you note immediately and also state your interest in the role.
  • You can also use this note to provide some other information about yourself that is relevant and are not mentioned during the phone interview.

Quick Tips and Tricks for Acing Your Call Interview

1.Check your device charging.
2. Check your network connection.
3. Reschedule if you any problems.
4. Keep a glass of water.
5. Provide short answers if possible.
6. Prepare the questions that you have to ask.
7. Do not interrupt the interviewer in between.
8. Do not put the phone on speaker.


A telephonic interview is your first interaction with your hiring manager. You have to crack this conversation to reach the next step.  I have mentioned all the important preparation tips and tricks which will help you.

Follow these steps to increase your chances and to find your dream job.

Over to You

Did you face a call interview? What is your experience? Does any of the above-mentioned tips help you?

I would love to hear from you.

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