7 Important Resume Words That You Should Include and Avoid

Compelling resume words when used in your resume will help to engage the recruiter and his/her attention to your resume. But are you confused about what to include and which words to avoid? Don’t worry; you will understand everything about resume word in this article

Word selection and the correct choice are very important when you have to include them in your resume. This is done not just to clear that screening round but also to impress the recruiter at first sight.

When the best and correct words are used in your resume, the screening authorities understand at which level the candidates are at in their career.

To help you land on the perfect job profile, we have gathered and compiled this article. Here you will get to know and understand why you actually need these words in your resume, what are the self-descriptive words for your resume, which words to include and which ones to avoid, and few tips.

Why You Need To Understand Which Resume Words To Include?

A resume is said to be well written when it successfully grabs the attention of the recruiters’.  Knowing what to include and which words to include in the resume are of utmost importance. The words used correctly will differentiate you and the other candidates and help you to get that job.

Some time candidates don’t use action words and they make the recruiter confused about their work profile and accomplishments. A recruiter who has just 6 seconds to review a resume, straight away refuses such a resume and does not pass them for further procedures.

Meanwhile, a candidate who uses good resume words that shows proper action performed, his resume is more informative and interesting to recruiters. Using more descriptive words will definitely help the candidate to clearly convey and communicate what are his/her accomplishments via his resume.

So, using resume words will make your resume stronger and it will be most likely be noticed by the recruiters.

Some Powerful Self Descriptive Words For Resume

Use powerful action words in your resume to captivate the attention of recruiters’.

Some best words to be used in the resume to make it stand out.

  1. Improved
  2. Managed
  3. Resolved
  4. Volunteered
  5. Increased or Decreased
  6. Revenue or Profit
  7. Won

Here are the explanation and uses of these powerful words.

  1. Improved

The use of this action word especially in your work experience section will be much more helpful. This word gives emphasis on the fact that you worked for the company with a positive mindset and achieved what was assigned to you.

  1. Managed

Such a word shows your ability to lead the team. More examples of such words may be ‘mentored’, ‘managed’, ‘trained’, ‘guided’. Always back your sentences with some numerical figures.

  1. Resolved

Recruiters’ find those resume interesting which shows how the candidate resolves or help the previous employee with a certain task. So include ‘resolved’ action words where ever necessary.

  1. Volunteered

This word will explain to the recruiter that the candidate is willingly helping others and is ready to extend helping help to those who will need him/her.

  1. Increased or Decreased

Every employee needs some sort of evidence. So include this word with some number stating how your work increased or decreased with a certain amount. This will also show how you helped your previous company to save money, time, and effort.

  1. Revenue or Profit

Adding value to the previous company will give a positive impact on the recruiter. Include this word to show how you made money for the company.

  1. Won

This word will show the recruiter that you were doing well and were successful in the previous job and had successfully achieved your target. If ever won any award, do mention it too.

Words To Avoid

There are words that act as a helping agent for your resume. There are also words that should be avoided.

List of certain words to be avoided in your resume.

  1. Go-getter
  2. Value add
  3. Team player
  4. Hard worker
  5. Self-motivated
  6. Detail-oriented
  7. Synergy

Here are the reasons why you should avoid these words while writing a resume

  1. Go-getter

It is more a cliché term than an action word. This word does not mean that your initiator. It is more a buzzword. Instead use ‘outperformed’, ‘maximized’, ‘produced’.

  1. Value add

This is not a good idea to add a word that shows how you added value to the previous company. Instead use words like ‘revenue’, ‘under budget’, ‘increased’, etc

  1. Team player

It is the most common word which you can find in almost every resume. Yet it becomes hard to prove how you are a team player. Instead use words like ‘cooperated’, ‘mentored’, etc.

  1. Hard worker

Try not to just write words in your resume, prove a proof for it as well. Better use examples to demonstrate how you are a hard worker.

  1. Self-motivated

Anyone can say they are self-motivated. This word does not prove anything. Instead of using this word, try to explain it in your resume throughout with some examples.

  1. Detail-oriented

Yet another overly used word. If you really work on details, write it in your resume with some detailed examples from your past job.

  1. Synergy

It sounds more trendy word and powerful but actually, it is meaningless words. Instead of this word use ‘cooperated’, ‘unified’, ‘cultivated’.

Few Tips For Resume Words

  1. Be precise and specific

No one wants to appear unclear and vague in front of the recruiter. Recruiters know what words directly means a cliché meaning. Avoid all such words at any cost.

  1. Focus on the job

Always be true to yourself and your job. Focus on what you have attained in the working time period and thus mention your skills, experiences, and accomplishment properly.

  1. Include power words

Make your resume stand out from others by using some good and powerful words. This will also impress the recruiter and your chance will also be increased.


Resume words are the most powerful and action-driven words. It must be used wisely and correctly. One single word can make or break it.

Carefully examine the job description and include all those powerful words in your resume which will highlight your skills and achievements.

Remember to avoid certain words and phrases that are either no longer in use or are baseless or meaningless words.

Over To You


Do you think including some good and powerful resume words in your resume will change the look and feel of your resume? What is your thought on it? Tell us in the comment section below.

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