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Learn How To Write Thank You Letter For Interview

Often times writing a thank you letter for interview is considered a good gesture on the potential employee. But are you confused about how to write a good thank you letter for an interview? Not sure how to send a thank you email after interview to the interviewer? Don’t worry, all your queries will be solved here.

Before heading forward let us understand what a thank you letter after an interview means. It is a letter that is used to wish or appreciate others. It is also a letter of gratitude. A thank you letter must always follow a business letter format.

A well-written thank you letter set you apart from those other selected candidates for interview. Thus this will help you to give a clear indication to the employer about your interest in that job. It also gives a positive impression about you to the interviewer.

In this article, we shall discuss the need for a thank you letter, what you should include in the thank you letter, why and when to send the letter to your future employer, and the tips for writing thank you letter for the interview.

Need For A Thank You Letter For Interview

Interacting with the interviewer after your scheduled interview shows a clear indication that your interest lies in that job. The thank you letter is yet another opportunity to influence the future employer’s decision.

Sending a thank you letter post the interview shows the candidate’s good manners and it help to get their name one last time in front of the hiring manager. There is no harm to consider your thank you letter as a sales letter post your interview.

This letter will show your interest, qualification, skills, and how you can contribute to the better upliftment of the company. You can also consider writing what your interviewer didn’t ask in the interview or what you could better answer in the interview but you didn’t.

What Should Be Included In The Thank You Email

Thank you letter is yet another effective tool to impress your potential employer. To make it more impressive make sure to use the following features:

  1. Clear subject line

Be specific and direct in your subject line. This will ensure that your thank you letter will be read for sure. Avoiding some generic terms should be kept in mind while writing the thank you letter.

  1. Note of appreciation

Expressing your gratitude in the body of the letter is always considered good. Remember to include the name of the interviewer or the designation of the person. Also, include the job title you have applied for more clarity.

  1. Highlight your eager for the job

Let the interviewer know that you are excited and eager about the job and also show how you can add value to the company.

Again give a brief about your qualifications. Give a brief connection between your qualifications and the job post thus explaining that you are the strongest candidate for that position.

  1. Personalized greeting

Start the body of the letter by greeting the interviewer by his/her name directly. Remember the name that the interviewer mentioned when you met them.

If you were interviewed by more than one person, send a personalized thank you letter to each one of them.

  1. Close with professional contact details

Close the letter with your contact details along with a farewell line like ‘sincerely’, ‘earnestly’, ‘truly’, etc. Include both your email and direct contact number before finally ending the thank you letter.

Why Send A Thank You Letter?

Sending a thank you letter post interview shows your good manners. It also shows and serves your self-motive behind it i.e., getting the job.

If you are through with an interview, a thank you letter will serve as a post-interview sales letter to the employer. Also mention some stances from the interview and explain in points what you could not convey in the interview.

When To Send It?

Sending a thank you letter as soon as possible is always a good idea. If you send the letter at the earliest, the interview encounter will be fresh in your mind and you will be clear with the details.

Delaying the thank you letter will not serve the purpose and may show you are not sincere towards the job. In fact, it may show you are not interested in the job and it may serve as a negative factor for you. Try and send the letter at the earliest before the recruiter makes their mind and come up with the decision.

Tips For Writing A Thank You Letter For An Interview

You can find a number of ways to write a thank you letter for an interview. While there isn’t any perfect or correct format of writing thank you letter. Below are some few tips to be kept in mind while writing a thank you letter.

  1. Length of the letter

A thank you letter must be short and precise. You should not be spending much time on writing the letter as the recruiter won’t be able to spend much of their time reading the letter that is too long.

Make sure to keep your letter long enough to cover everything you wanted to deliver but at the same time it should be short enough to be concluded well.

  1. The tone of the letter

While addressing to the hiring manager, you should always keep in mind to keep the tone of the letter as professional as you can. Such letters will help to keep you ahead of others who were selected for the interview. So, avoid any such mistakes that can ruin your chances of selection.

  1. Mode of sending thank you letter

There are two ways to send your thank you letter to the recruiter, one is email and the other is a handwritten letter. The handwritten letter has its own appeal and grace but in this competitive world sending an email for thank you letter is preferred. Since email can be received in no time, email should be preferred.


A thank you letter is a simple yet most effective thing after your interview is done. One can find writing a thank you letter for interview smooth and straightforward.

But thank you letter gives you that chance to deliver your thoughts on why you want the job, how you perfectly fit the job and convey what you could not answer in the interview session.

Your appreciation and gratitude should be shown in the thank you letter and such letters are great relationship builders. The best time for such a letter to be sent is within 24hours of the interview. This way recruiter has your interview fresh in mind.

Delaying more than 24 hours will not serve the purpose because sometimes recruiters can declare the final result within a few hours of the interview.

Over To You

So now you have got every detail on writing a precise thank you letter. Let us know your thought on the letter and the details mentioned above. Please leave your comments below.

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