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Resume Cover Letter : Important Things To Know About

Battling hard to write a good resume cover letter? You may have thoughts to drop the idea of writing the cover letter. Wait! Before you finally make your mind and drop the idea of writing a cover letter you must know one thing.

Many recruiters while posting a new job also mention that they will consider resume cover letter of the candidate along with the resume. And then candidates may have doubts about whether to apply or they may worry about how to write a good resume cover letter.

Don’t panic! We are here to cover your back. Writing a resume cover letter will be much simpler when you follow certain steps mentioned here.

In this article, you will learn about how to write a cover letter, some tips, major components, and cover letter examples.

How To Write Resume Cover Letter

Before moving on to how to write, let us understand what is a resume cover letter? A cover letter is a single-page document that will introduce you to the recruiter along with a brief summary of your professional background. Roughly a cover letter must be 200 to 450 words long.

It might be a double task for you but believe us cover letter may make or break the deal. A good cover letter will kindle the hiring manager’s interest in your resume. But a badly written cover letter will not work for you at all.

So how to write a good cover letter you may ask. Well, follow some simple steps to craft that cover letter.

1. State the cover letter by your name and contact details

Following the standard format for writing a letter, a cover letter must also be written in a similar fashion.

The top of your cover letter must include your name, email id, your address, and your contact number (on which you are available).

2. Include date

The next tip is to include the current writing date or the date when you will send the letter to the hiring manager.

This must be added in a separate line to avoid any misunderstanding and to make your letter clearer.

3. Recipient’s name and contact detail

Adding the recipient’s date and address will make your cover letter more formal. This information is mostly shared with the candidates via a job posting. If you can’t find it, check the company’s website to get the details required to add here.

4. Introduction

Start by greeting the hiring manager by adding their designation. Next, writing about you in an attention-grabbing manner. This will increase your chances of reading your cover letter end-to-end.

5. Next paragraph

In the next coming paragraph, write about your skills, educational background, and work experience.
Mention that you’re the perfect person for the job and is a good fit for the company.

6. Conclude

Make a smart conclusion with a call to action. This means asking the hiring manager to call you or do some sort of action.

7. End with the right formal closing

Once done writing the letter, close the letter with a formal closing line such as “Best Regards”, “Sincerely”, “Thank you”.

Tips And Important Checklist For Cover Letter Format

Getting the recruiter’s attention via cover letter can be done following some tips mentioned below:

  1. Use a properly greeting
  2. Proper font and margin
  3. Try and add a postscript
  4. Keep it simple and precise
  5. Be honest
  6. Don’t try to be funny, rather be professional
  7. Never repeat the same cover letter
  8. Avoid using buzzwords
  9. Proofreading

What To Include In Component Of Cover Letter

The cover letter has many components listed below when all of the components are properly and sequentially placed, then this complete cover letter will help you to land in your dream job.

Major components for a cover letter:

1. An appealing and attractive opening line

How one starts a cover letter will last that impression on the recruiter. So an opening line must be attractive and engaging at the same time. Start the opening line that will connect your cover letter to the company view. The opening line must also convey that your cover letter isn’t a regular or a generic or a common cover letter.

2. A proper spiel

The next few lines must include:

  • If you’re shifting or transitioning in your career then you need to explain the reason for this shift. This explanation is should be mentioned in the cover letter.
  • If you don’t wish to shift your career than write in detail the achievements and skills that are aligned with the company and its requirements.
  • Also, speak about your experience in your last job, use the job description.
  • Highlight the skills that will stand you out from the crowd.
3. An impressive closing line

The closing ling must contain some words of appreciation to the company and the opportunity they are offering. Also mention how you will contribute to the company and the team. Avoid using cliché words.

4. Avoid certain phrases

Avoid using certain words “To whom it may concern”, “Dear Sir / Madam”, because of no one talks in this manner in general.

5. Include contact information

Imagine the cover letter doesn’t have your contact information, how will the recruiting team contact you. So avoid falling in such situations.

Types Of Cover Letter

  1. Referral cover letter
  2. Application letter
  3. Letter of interest
  4. Networking letter
  5. Email cover letter

Cover Letter For All Profession

Writing a cover letter for any post or for any sector, like writing a cover letter for a nurse, assistant professor, sales executive, or for an internship, the candidate is going to adapt to the role, culture, and the company and of course aligning yourself to the job description.

Indeed there is a huge difference between a cover letter and the mail you send with your application. One can either attach the cover letter along with the email or copy with the email, but not both.


So by far, you must have understood the need for a cover letter. The resume cover letter holds its important place in the selection process as well.

Always remember to follow the set important components of the cover letter. Also, try and take some important notes from the above-mentioned cover letter tips. So that you can have a clear picture of how a cover letter must look like.

Further, go ahead and write your own cover letter. Try to minimize the error and increase your chances of selection for the job. All the best!

Over To You

Thus we have covered almost all the aspects of the cover letter one must need to know before applying for a job. Following the traditional method won’t narrow down your chances of selection. Hence a good cover letter will help you to get that job. What is your understanding of the cover letter? Please comment below.

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