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Best Cover Letter Examples For Every Candidate [2020]

Are you looking for cover letter examples? Have you completed writing your cover letter? Are you confused about what should be the syntax for a cover letter? Worry not; we at smart job hunt will provide you a complete solution for cover letter along with the examples.

A well-crafted cover letter paired with your resume will help you to get that job. A cover letter will show the recruiter your personal side and it also gives them the reason why hiring you will be a good and smart decision for them.

Here we will discuss what are the reasons to have a good cover letter template, cover letter format, types, and cover letter example.

Reasons To Have A Good Cover Letter Template

Before discussing the reason for a good cover letter, consider a scenario where a candidate when comes across a job posting, applies to the job regardless of the weather he/she is fully compatible with the job profile offered by the company. The candidate thus applies to the job and move on.

Doing so, the candidate is doing a disservice to themselves by not creating a cover letter. You may ask why? The reason is a resume is often confined by spaces, keywords, and against a lot of technical requirements.

Whereas the cover letter, the candidate has a chance to craft a good narrative that will be much relatable and will align you to the post along with the company that you will apply for.

Below are some useful and valid reasons why you must have a good cover letter:

  1. It will clearly tell the recruiter why they should consider your resume.
  2. It will illustrate your skills especially writing ability.
  3. Aligning with the resume, it will help the resume stand out.
  4. It will show your seriousness about the post.
  5. It will highlight the candidate’s strengths.

Various Types Of Cover Letter Format

  1. Referral cover letter

It offers a clear chance to introduce yourself but also the person who referred you to this job opening. This will b a great way to get the employer’s interest in your cover letter, especially the person who provided you the referral is known to the company.

  1. Application letter

These types of cover letters are written to apply for a specific job opening. It is usually sent along with the resume. Hence many times it is also termed as a traditional cover letter.

  1. Letter of interest

This letter is written when the candidate wants to know if there is any possible job openings in the near future at that company.

  1. Networking letter

This type of cover letter can be addressed to the colleagues to assist you for any job opening in their professional network.

You can even ask your college professors, friends, and family with a large professional network.

  1. Email cover letter

When providing any of the above cover letters via email, always follow a format that is email-friendly.

Such cover letters are more brief and precise.

Important Formatting Tip For Cover Letter

Below are some formatting tips to be followed when you are writing a cover letter:

  1. Correct spacing:

All letters must be single-spaced. Remember to include a single space between each paragraph and space between each section of the letter is required too.

  1. Font:

Always choose a professional font size in the range of 10 to 12 point sizes.  Using emojis is a big no.

  1. Email cover letter:

While emailing a cover letter, remember to give attention to the subject line of your email.

  1. Proofreading:

Make sure to avoid any mistakes be it grammatical or spelling error. Proofreading has to be done once the cover letter is finally ready to be delivered.

Cover Letter Examples

We have compiled some examples of cover letters based on their types. Check them and try to select the best suitable cover letter example for you.

  1. Referral cover letter: Such a cover letter must have the name of the person you are referring to. This way you can stand out. And there will be a better chance of being noticed.
Vaibhav Sharma
Pitampura, New Delhi
Contact : +91 98xxxxxxxx
Email : vai***

Dear Neeraj Mohta,
In a recent conversation with Rajshree Agrawal, she suggested I contact you. Rajshree and I
worked very closely together on Banker profile. She was kind enough to offer me some advice on 
the next step in my career.She mentioned that she had had the opportunity to work with you many
years ago nad perhaps she thought that you would be able to offer some guidance to me as well.

I am an organised and professionaly sound candidate who love mathematics and calculations. I am
a confident individual and has succeeded as promising banker. I am also friendly and have good 
communucation skills required for a banker.

From J.D. Autonomous University, I have obtained a Bachelo's degree in Computer Science & Technology.
I have also studied various computer languages like JAVA,C#, etc and had vocational training at
Tata Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. , Vijayadhan Bank Pvt. Ltd. and Learning Grads Pvt. Ltd. I have 
learned a lot from all these places.

During my previous role as a Banker at MyBank Pvt. Ltd., I was responsible for providing account
services such as depositing cheques, taking orders, and keeping detailes records of all transactions. I always
prioritize paying attention to details, providing excellent customer services and adhering to banks' rules
and regulations.

I will call you during the next week to set up a time to meet. I look forward to meeting you.

Vaibhav Sharma
  1. Application letter: It is also termed as a traditional cover letter and sent with a resume. The format is similar to that of a job interview.
Raghav Yadav
12, East Nehru Palace,
557/64, Mahajan Ward,
Lucknow, UP
Contact : +91 90xxxxxxxx
Email : raya***


Dear Ramesh Purwar,

With over 4 years of banking service, I can confidently tell you I am an expert at it. Banking is the sector that helps
each household in the country. With modern day contact less services provided by banks, the future of the country is 
far more ahead than ever estimated.

I have been working with MyDhan Bank Pvt. Ltd. for 4.2 years and had a great experience working as banker.
Graduated from Mohanlalji Shah Engineering College, I had been placed in Venus Customer Services Pvt. Ltd.
Working for 1.4 years I was selected for MyDhan Bank Pvt. Ltd.

While my tenour at both Venus Customer Services Pvt. Ltd. and MyDhan Bank Pvt. Ltd., I had a star rating of 
out of 5. This was given to me by my customer. Being friendly and always on my feet, I was also awarded with 
a Golden Employee Award in MyDhan Bank Pvt. Ltd.

I would be happy to bring my knowledge of banking sector to your company with opportunity to increase 
your customer bandwidth. Hoping to get an appointment with you to discussion.

Thank you for the consideration,
Raghav Yadav
  1. Networking letter: This cover letter being different in its purpose than the first two, have the same starting and ending.
Vaibhav Sharma
Pitampura, New Delhi
Contact : +91 98xxxxxxxx
Email : vai***

Hi Ronak Shah,

I hope all is good at your end. I would like to have breif meeting with you to get some insights as a top professional from 
your field.

As the you already know my profile, working for banking sector always excites me. Most recently I have worked in a 
consortion team for Laywork Steels along with other nationalised banks. I had a good time working do for MyDhan Bank.

I'm looking for a new career venturre currently, ideally with ability to work one-on-one with client, since I enjoy working 
and interacting with the customer.

If you have time to talk over a cup of coffee that would be great. Else would be great to get your feedback and good words.

Vaibhav Sharma


The cover letter is much more personal and it shows the recruiters a good reason to hire you. We hope the above examples of cover letters will be helpful when you write your own cover letter.

Consider the types of cover letters and write in the same format that suits you or your profession. Always remember to use the tips mentioned above to avoid any errors or mistakes in your cover letter.

Over To You

A cover letter is yet another important document for your selection. What is your thought on this? Please write your opinion in the comment section below.

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